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Japan's Nippon Co., Ltd. executive director and his party visitedTime:2018-03-09  Author:Zhang Haiyan  Click:

Japan's Nippon Co., Ltd. executive director and his party visited

March 9, 2018, Japan's Nippon Co., Ltd. Executive Managing Director, International Director Ruo Yiyi and Chairman of Nippon Trading Shanghai Co., Ltd. Matsuno Shirai, Director of the Hematology Division of Nipro Trading Shanghai Co., Ltd. Xu led the group to visit the group and made a business visit to Qilu Hemodialysis Service Management Co., Ltd. Mr. Zou Fangming, Chairman of the Group, met with the visiting Nepali delegation and Mr. Dan Weiqiang, CEO of Qilu Hemodialysis Service Management Co., Ltd. attended the reception. The two parties conducted friendly and in-depth talks to promote Japan's Nipro Corporation's business expansion and analysis of the hemodialysis industry in the province.

During the meeting, Chairman Zou Fangming extended a warm welcome to Ruoyou Men and their delegations, and detailedly introduced the development of Hexue Transfusion Center and the future development trend of Qilu. Chairman Zou Fangming pointed out that Nipro is a world-renowned manufacturer and service provider of medical products and has advanced medical product production technology, management level and extraordinary strategic vision. Under the unremitting efforts of both parties, as long as the two sides adhere to the principle of “integrity, pragmatism, and confidence,” seize the good opportunities for development in Shandong, strengthen communication and coordination, business development will be successful, and achieve both social and economic benefits.

If a male minister of the regulations expressed that he would like to thank Qilu for the leadership and leadership of Nipro. The smooth cooperation between Nipro and Qilu Hemotrans also strengthened the company's confidence and determination in business development in Shandong Province. I hope to continue to receive strong support from Qilu Hexue Company in the future.

Hemodialysis company Zhang Haiyan

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