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The river is rushing and it is pursuing a constant speed.
The eagle spread its wings and yearned for its height.
The Saikesaisi,
With a commitment to life, in the realm of great health, depicting grand blueprints with enthusiasm.
We are down-to-earth, based on Qilu;
We are ambitious and have a global outlook.
We are adhering to the enterprise spirit of “Honesty 100 Years, Innovation 100 Years”, using the corporate philosophy of “Sincere, meticulous, loyal, and persevering”, working diligently, behaving in good faith, with gratitude, returning to society, returning employees, and rewarding every cooperation. Partners, determined to build a century-long enterprise, stand tall in the world's national forest.
Since we have chosen a distant place, we will only look after the storm and go bravely forward.
The people of Saikesaisi, sincerely united, will compose a more beautiful corporate chapter and contribute our strength to the life and health of all human beings.

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